Brooks Case Study
Situation: Brooks, formerly known as Brooks City Base, is a 1,300-acre campus in San Antonio that was transformed into a mixed-use community after Brooks Air Force Base closed in 2002. Brooks needed to communicate their new mission as a catalyst for economic development on the South Side and a place open to anyone, not just members of the military.
Strategy: Through multiple years of growth of the development, several campaigns have been created to position Brooks as an outstanding destination for development and revitalization. Once the message began to spread, and residents and developers were choosing Brooks, the “Live Brooks” campaign was introduced. This campaign embraced the development’s unique, vibrant position on San Antonio’s South Side as a place to live, work, learn, play, and stay.
For the “Live Brooks” campaign, real people were identified in the existing Brooks community that were actively living the brand pillars: Live, Work, Learn, Play, and Stay. talkStrategy redesigned the Brooks website and captured foundational photo, video, and audio content that could be used over time in various formats. Our strategic marketing plans have included social media strategy, execution and advertising, digital advertising, earned media coverage, influencer relations, web development, and event marketing.
Impact: The “Live Brooks” campaign, strategically promoted on social media and digital platforms, highlights real people with real stories to share about Brooks. By identifying these individuals and allowing them to share their own stories, the Brooks brand was authentically represented and effectively impacted the target audiences on social media, where validity is vital to brand success. 
Since the launch of the “Live Brooks” campaign, traffic from social media platforms to the Brooks website has grown exponentially. Brooks’s owned channels experienced rapid growth in engagement through the integrated efforts of this campaign.
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