Dr Smith's Case Study
Situation: Dr. Smith’s set out to expand beyond its current state as a local brand with a regional presence to become a national player with a wider target audience. Dr. Smith’s brand was reworked by designing iconic brand motifs, defining creative brand standards, crafting messaging, and integrating the brand look-and-feel across all outreach. Social media presence continued to elevate the brand’s presence over the years. Fast forward several years, following the brand’s national launch,  “Reach for the Doctor” campaign in both English and Spanish was launched to continually increase brand awareness and reflect the growth in product distribution.
Dr. Smith’s brand development used marketing strategy, regional and national media placements, national influencer partnerships, media relations, social media strategy and execution, national grassroots activations, digital advertising, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), geotargeting, national sampling program, competitor analysis, and event management. 
Strategy: Highly-integrated marketing initiatives strategically targeted Dr. Smith’s target consumer, the Millennial mom. The focus on the power of storytelling allowed the brand to develop shareable and relatable video, print, and digital content that resonated with the target audiences and were vital to the brand’s success, carving a niche for Dr. Smith’s products within a very competitive marketplace.
Impact: Over the course of the “Reach for the Doctor” campaign, more than 100,000 visitors to the Dr. Smith’s website, inspired thousands of uses of the #ReachForTheDoctor hashtag, attained 1.1 million video views from YouTube users, and grew Dr. Smith’s social footprint to over 70,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. National sales for Dr. Smith’s products increased by over 20% over the course of the “Reach for the Doctor” campaign.
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